WRP Academy

Our technology was developed by merging Roy’s and Scott’s professional experience.  They created a unique set of skills that can transform professional performance in general and sales performance in particular.

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How did the Academy develop?

By mid-2012 – just as interest in WRP’s services was escalating beyond what Roy and Scott could personally deliver– they received a number of requests for technology transfer from people they had known, respected, and worked with for years.

23 people joined them in piloting what they rather grandly called the WRP Academy. These people asked for four things:

  • To work with WRP or form a working partnership of one kind or another.
  • To use WRP’s technology in their own creative work.
  • To sell their own professional services more effectively.
  • To learn with ease and flexibility, while maintaining their busy lives.

With these colleagues, Scott and Roy designed a virtual learning environment that included bi-weekly, live videoconference webinars, peer learning, and coaching.

Together, they formed a mutually beneficial partnership.  The participants received the learning and licensing that they wanted, and WRP received a large number of highly skilled and creative partners to deliver their work around the world.

Who is the WRP Academy for?

The Academy now serves several groups of people.

  • Sales professionals and sales managers who want to significantly improve their ability to generate results.
  • Fellow consultants who want to learn our technology in order to:
    • work as a WRP consultant in the commercial sector and/or the developing world.
    • become licensed to use our technology as part of their own business offerings.
    • sell their own services more effectively.

How does it work?

The training itself

We design to your needs.

We create bespoke learning environments to meet the needs of the people involved.  We continue to utilize remote learning as well as face-to-face.  We have online training, live video seminars, and personal coaching, as well as multi-media materials to support your learning.

We can deliver the technology slowly over a long period of time or more quickly in condensed, intensive periods of work.

The end result

If you’re participating in the Academy for your own professional improvement, you take with you what you learn and put it to work in service of your own sales goals.

If you want to be licensed to use our material to enhance your own business offerings, we will arrange a license agreement with you in a way that works best for your business.  Every license includes consultations with our staff to support your professional success.

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and desires.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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