Mali is no place for the faint-hearted. Nearly 80% of the people have no access to safe sanitation and over 15,000 children die as a result.

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Our client, a well-known international powerhouse in the reproductive health sector, has added sanitation marketing to its portfolio of services to the poor.  WRP are lending our direct sales expertise to the project, developing sales strategy, tools, training and infield consulting leadership.

Enter Jessica Carey, Whitten & Roy Partnership’s field consultant for three months in Mali.  From Virginia in the USA, Jes is an insurance agent for Family Heritage Life Insurance Company, which sells its products door to door.  Jes has taken a short leave of absence from her normal work in order to do her part in fighting poverty with her business skill.

Jes is an expert in direct sales and sales management.  She has been highly trained, starting in college with Southwestern Advantage, and has spent seven years in direct sales and sales management.  Jes has honed her skills into a highly specialized craft.  It’s exactly the capability that WRP needs for projects like the one in Mali.  Now she consults for our client, helping them build their sales force by transferring her expertise.

Sanitation marketing is an effective answer to achieve ODF – Open Defecation Free.  Rather than give it away, people buy a latrine made of concrete, ingeniously designed so that even poor people can afford it.  But selling it isn’t a simple as displaying it at the market – people need to have a meaningful conversation about it if they are going to change deep-rooted cultural habits.  A direct sales conversation, one on one, is absolutely the most effective way to do this.

Thanks Jes.  You’re making a difference in the world.

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