IP and licensing

There are very few new ideas. We all stand on the shoulders of those who have preceded us. This is why expressions of ideas can be copyrighted but not ideas themselves.

We believe that integrity requires the acknowledgment of our own creativity and the humility and the rigor to acknowledge where we learned what.  We have therefore decided that (a) we will do our best to acknowledge the original sources of what we have learned over the years and (b) require that others acknowledge our own expressions of other’s ideas.

Ip-Licensing.jpg (Medium)

Our original material is protected by both copyright and trademark. We hold this IP jointly and equally, because without each other’s contribution we would not have generated the technology we now utilize.

We are willing to license others to use, adapt and build upon this material, provided that (a) they acknowledge the copyrights, trademarks and sources we have identified and (b) they enter into a formal licensing agreement with us.

Our work with clients includes an automatic license for them to use and adapt our original material within their own organization, providing that they continue to acknowledge our copyright and trademarks. We do not charge them further fees for doing so. We are willing to enter into a separate licensing agreement with them if they want to use our material as part of their own offering for their customers and clients.

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