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In 2009, we(*) wanted to create a sales consultancy grounded in our decades of collaborative experience with sales, sales management, and transforming human performance. We wanted to work with committed clients in a context free from compromise and excuse, and, with them, to generate real, measurable change in their sales results, their relationship with their customers, and their relationship with their sales teams.

Our original intention was to have a small, boutique business, serving a few clients in both the western commercial and developing worlds. However, because our clients experienced significant improvements in sales, which included winning a few international awards, we realized a dramatic increase in requests for our help.

So, in 2013, we decided to scale our business and to expand our impact. We created the WRP Academy for consultant development to develop our internal capacity to delivery the highest quality consulting that transforms sales performance.

Today we specialize in serving socially-minded organizations a broad variety of clients from over 40 countries, many different industries, and many different sizes. We work with global multinational giants to the tiniest startups who want to change the world.

WRP is proud to partner with the organizations and people who either work with us directly or are licensed to use our technology in their own business of consulting, training, and coaching.

Please visit the Our Team page in order to learn more about us – and the other consulting partners who deliver this transformative sales technology throughout the world.

(*) W.Roy Whitten Ph.D and Scott A.Roy

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