Following last two years’ successful lectures Scott Roy, founder of international sales consultancy Whitten & Roy Partnership, returns to Stanford Graduate School of Business on Thursday, March 02, 2017 to give a class presentation about the role of selling in social enterprise.

The presentation is titled Busting the Myth of Sales as a “Dark Art” – the critical role of sales in behavior change. In social ventures, whether home or abroad, selling well is what gives most organizations the capability to deliver their mission. Whether it is selling a product or service, or is used to influence thinking and policy at the highest levels, selling is often feared and maligned because of what people think it is. Instead, one can master the science and skills involved and transform their ability to communicate and sell honorably.

Interested journalists are welcome to attend the 10:00-11:45am lecture. There is also the opportunity for a one-to-one interview session with Scott Roy of Whitten & Roy Partnership after the lecture.

As a partner to leading global social enterprises operating around the world, Scott Roy will address key sales challenges from their decades of work, covering issues such as: How sales expertise can help social organizations fulfill their (often life-saving) missions; and how to help social enterprises become more successful by clarifying the respective roles of marketing and selling.

For more information and registration : newsdesk@wrpartnership.com

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