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Message for company leaders

You’re a leader of an organisation that sells. But you know sales could really increase if you could:

  • Find the right people
  • Get them to work harder
  • Get them to close faster
  • Maintain your margins

It’s not complicated, is it?

So why is it so hard to build a sales organization that actually works and becomes an engine for company growth that produces consistent results, gets better over time, and generates a sales force that enjoys their work and are proud of what they do?

The sad truth is that doing this is more difficult than ever before.

Customers – especially big ones – have adopted buying processes designed to control the flood of ‘people with pitches’ that show up on their doorstep each week.

  • They use RFPs and RFQs to create common categories into which competing suppliers must organize their offerings.
  • They put layers of procurement staff between their decision makers and the ‘silver-tongued salesmen’ trying to maneuver them.
  • They commoditize every offering in order to drive the hardest bargain.

This makes a salesperson’s life very difficult.  However, salespeople have developed some truly terrible habits:

  • They pitch instead of discover the problem to be solved.
  • They talk too much and listen too little.
  • They follow customers instead of leading

The real irony here is that customers, by being so controlling, are actually shooting themselves in the foot.  Their protective buying process prevents them from making good buying decisions!

  • They fail to explore the real problems they are trying to solve.
  • They purchase commoditized, off-the-shelf solutions that don’t fully work and require more investment in the long run.
  • They blame you for things not working and fail to develop the trust that would help you to help them.

Somebody’s got to change this dysfunctional system and we think you have a part to play in developing a selling system in which your customers feel educated instead of manipulated.

Traditional selling is not wise enough, tough enough, or skillful enough to navigate and change this tricky landscape.  A transformation is needed, and, as a leader in your company, you can help your sales force to acquire that wisdom, toughness, and skill.

You can do it by helping them make three fundamental changes.

  • Changing their attitude – managing their mindset, moment-by-moment, staying proactive and in charge, no matter what happens.
  • Changing their competenceleading their customer through a process in which the customer is educated instead of manipulated.
  • Changing their execution – ceasing to do the things that your customers ask and starting planning the key steps that makes thing progress.

If you’re ready to explore how you can make this happen in your company, contact us and we’ll discuss the specific challenges you face.

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