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You’ve heard it all.

  • “Investing in training sales people costs too much.”
  • “It won’t stick.”
  • “You can’t develop sales people—you have to hire

Tragic, isn’t it?

You could headhunt top sales talent, but that’s really expensive.  And it has its own set of risks:

  • Your star hire doesn’t shine or develops into a prima donna.
  • He gets headhunted by someone else and he’s off to his next destination, leaving you as quickly as he left his former company, picking up yet another signing bonus.

We’re assuming you got into HR or L&D to build people, not weed them out.  So, we have two questions for you.

  • Do you really believe you can develop salespeople and sales managers?
  • If so, do you know the way to do it?

We think there is a way, and it involves developing three fundamental capacities in your sales force.

  • Attitude – you know it plays a critical role in performance, but telling people to change their attitude rarely works. And motivational speakers, one-off workshops, and ‘team building’ events pump people up, but not for long.
  • Competence – you know that good selling involves (a) finding the customer’s needs and (b) fulfilling them. So why do your people invest so much time developing propositions to pitch and so little time mastering skills to discover problems?
  • Executionyou watch sales time disappear down the rat hole of one meeting after another.

You’re a training professional.  You know that changing these three things takes commitment, investment, and follow-through.

  • There’s no substitute for face-to-face experiential education.
  • Yet, without skilled follow-up implementation activity, the best classroom experience fades in the face of daily pressures and lifetime habits.
  • You know “off the shelf” is a recipe for mediocrity, and if there’s no true commitment to bespoke design and delivery, you’re not going to get lasting change.

And, you know that unless your sales managers change their behavior, they will unwittingly undermine the changes everyone is trying to make.

Your company looks to you for solutions to the training needs that are holding back a transformation in sales.

If you would like to explore these needs, contact us and we’ll do that together.

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