In recent weeks, Savvy Management Consult has been facilitating webinars for business owners, leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs in Kenya, and elsewhere in East Africa. Topics have mostly focused on business strategy, with a pulse on how the landscape has been evolving through the COVID-19 global pandemic.

This week’s session focused on “How to Keep Customers Engaged Remotely”, which was facilitated by our Consulting Partner Chad Spain. He led a discussion about how companies are connecting with their clients in the changed context, how they are providing value throughout the process, and how they are managing themselves so they engage well.

Recent trends toward the use of video in sales calls and video messages were illuminated. When used well, connecting through video can create stronger bonds between those on the call which is key to developing longer lasting partnerships with clients. Video clips are also being used, rather than an email or voice message, as a way of sending a personal touch.
When budgets are constrained or frozen in times like these, it may be difficult or impossible to close deals for the indefinite future. Some are adapting by using this time to build up their pipeline, develop relationships, and explore new partnerships. If you can’t work in the business – use the time to work on it.

Taking the time to really listen and learn from your prospective clients can provide valuable insight. You might discover a need that you can solve but didn’t previously know about. This is how companies learn how to pivot when external circumstances force their hand.

Tools and other reading references were provided for further insight.

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