We’re not doctors but we can change people’s mindsets! 

Sometimes you need to start with the end. In the case of the interview of our CEO Scott Roy with Andy Narracott from the Finding Impact podcast, Scott’s closing words perfectly sum up our raison d’etre over the past couple of months.

What he said was this: “We can’t make PPE, masks or ventilators. We’re not doctors or nurses. But we are experts in attitude and know how to change people’s mindsets.”

Since the Coronavirus pandemic took over our lives, it became clear that we needed to do something to help. Within days we came together as a team and created the initiative “The One Thing that Changes Everything”, covering a free ebooklet guide and workshop series, to help people, businesses, managers and teams manage their mindsets during this global crisis.

Andy Narracott from the Finding Impact podcast recently took part in one of the online workshops and talks with Scott through his experience of engaging in the 4-step mind changing process, moving from overwhelm to seeing possibilities again. It’s a very personal account, and, as ever, with lots of useful advice.

You can listen to the podcast episode here: https://findingimpact.com/fip-127-how-to-shift-your-attitude-to-perform-at-your-best-with-scott-roy-of-whitten-roy-partnership/

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