Microgrid opportunities are advancing at pace around the world, with growth expected to reach $35 billion by 2022. To date, Whitten & Roy Partnership has consulted on a number rural electrification projects in the developing world as minigrids are transforming millions of lives, helping to bring energy access to people so that they can benefit from time-saving and life-changing appliances.

At the 10th edition of the Microgrid Global Innovation Forum in London this week, our consulting partner Nick Kingesley-Johnson has been presenting Whitten & Roy Partnership’s pioneering consulting approach.

Organised by online smart grid and green-tech information portal Smart Grid Observer, the annual conference focuses on microgrid advances, case studies and market applications. This year’s conference agenda focused on optimizing hybrid renewable energy microgrids for off-grid and grid-tied environments.

In his afternoon session, titled “Selling Minigrids: How to Attract Customers and Retain Them”, Nick, who has decades of international experience leading direct sales teams, revealed the big challenge for most operators, which is the inability to attract enough people to sign up, stay committed, and spend consistently.

As a matter of fact, he argued that without effectively addressing these key revenue drivers, mini-grids are at risk of falling far short of their potential impact. Using our own methodologies and experiences, Nick explained to a very engaged conference audience how to exactly involve these potential clients, get them to sign up, stay committed, and spend consistently.

On the topic of rural electrification, here’s another heads up to our upcoming webinar “How to sell minigrids to rural populations” scheduled for 30 September, which is training members of the Alliance for Rural Electrification. More details will be available shortly.

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