Scott Roy and WRP have been mentioned in an insightful book by Richard Koening called “No place to go”.

The book, available on Amazon, reveals a cruel 21st-century paradox that the poor of the earth have more trouble accessing a toilet than a cell phone. For lack of a loo, fast-growing populations in cities of the developing world are suffering daily indignities and waves of infectious disease.

No Place To Go takes an unblinking look at scenes from a sanitation crisis in the Ghanaian city of Kumasi where the social enterprise organization, Clean Team, is trying to do something about it by selling portable toilets.

Asantewa Gyamfi Tenkorang, R&D head of Clean Team, says, “This company has grown from the seed we planted to a baobab tree all because we listened to the customer.”

We are gratified to be playing a part in their sales force learning to listen deeply to their customers. Our customer-centric DQ Sales® training focuses on a very simple concept: Problem first, solution second.

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