Sales knowledge with The International Journal of Sales Transformation 

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, the sales community is in the process of defining its new path. As such, the latest edition of The International Journal of Sales Transformation, under the theme “Competing in an uncertain Covid-19 world”, is a fantastic guide: the issue looks into what lies ahead for the global sales community, how sales leaders can best respond to
 the crisis and also prepare for a new post-COVID-19 world.

In the magazine’s op-ed piece our co-founder Roy Whitten explores the surprising benefits of remote selling; YOU CAN READ IT here. Meanwhile, the extensive, in-depth feature by editor Nick de Cent, titled “Sales and the Covid crisis”, shares the views of leading UK and US academics, professional bodies and consultants on how sales leaders can best respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Plus there are many other advice pieces, such as top tips for upping your online presentation game with neuroscience.

All in all, this bumper edition is well worth a read for every sales leader and manager. What’s more, to support the global sales community, the editors are currently offering a free one-
year individual subscription
. Here’s how to get your free subscription: Visit the magazine’s website www.journalofsalestransformation.com, under subscriptions choose the Annual Individual Subscriber option, and on checkout enter the coupon code ijost20.


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