Lisbon, June 27th 2019

We attended the inaugural QandA Summit, where our Consulting Partner, Chad Spain, gave a talk on key mistakes made by business owners when they engage in their selling.

Some of the topics raised throughout the day that attending entrepreneurs grappled with included:
How to not do what everyone else does when selling
The importance of tapping into present moment to access your best thinking
Sharing stories that inspire and persuade your partners
How to use automation in your business and when to not overuse it
Chad spoke about a key mistake that most salespeople make, which is to sell in the way that most people try to buy: starting with the solution.

Instead, he recommended to open up the conversation by first exploring the problem that your prospective client faces, and then together assessing how big of a problem it is for them. Only once you have listened long enough so that you both understand the problem deeply, should you move on to explore solutions.

He commented: “When done well, this is a paradigm shift away from what the salesperson wants (IE to make the sale), and instead focus on how you can help your prospective client make the best decision for their situation. This is how people actually like to buy, despite them asking ‘what do you have and how much is it,’ which leads most salespeople to make a pitch and sound like everyone else.”

Great questions were asked about how to do this effectively. “Its very much an art, but also a science. It’s important to guide the conversation, establish enough trust and credibility early on so that your clients will follow your lead to explore the problems.”

When done well this creates urgency to resolve issues, and willingness to take action. It can have a profound impact on conversion rates, time to close deals, and deal size – which were all issues faced by those in the room.

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