The 2018 Social Innovation #INFOCUS Conference was held in June at the United Nations Building in Geneve and celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This was an encouraging platform for professionals to present and discuss tools for social innovation. Our Director of Marketing Davide Castorina was invited to share WRP’s sales practices and provide some insights about how social entrepereneurs can better deliver their mission.

Selling often has a bad reputation; it’s perceived as a manipulative way to convince people to buy. But at WRP, we train our clients on a new way of selling: a way to help customers make a good decision, which makes selling effective and enables social ventures to thrive.

Social entrepreneurs are intelligent people with business ideas that are saving our planet and the people on it. These brilliant leaders often find themselves spending time on the “exciting” aspects of the business like product design and scaling plans, and believe that sales will take care of itself, because, after all, they offer a great product. Sales teams are often passed off to someone else to manage and train on how to “convince people to buy”.

We want to thank the #INFOCUS event for giving us the opportunity to show a different selling framework and allowing social entrepreneurs from all over the world to start thinking about sales in a different perspective.

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