Mobile phone technology has been drastically changing the developing world
for some years now. Yet some real challenges remain that mean billions of
people, mainly living in the rural regions of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, are
still not connected to the internet and do not have access to quality mobile
The reasons for this situation are diverse. However, sales management plays
a key role in mobile technology uptake across the developing world. In a call
to help the members of the GSMA, the voice of the global mobile industry,
Whitten & Roy Partnership shared vital sales advice this week. Representing
more than 750 mobile operators and over 400 mobile communications
companies worldwide, the GSMA also produces the industry-leading Mobile
World Congress events.
Held by our consultants Chad Spain and Nick Kingesley-Johnson, the
webinar, titled “Sales Challenges and Opportunities for Start-Ups in Emerging
Markets”, helped to unearth the causes to some common sales challenges
that mobile companies are facing when selling in developing world markets.
Our deep experience in emerging markets (we worked in 19 African countries
alone in the past two years!) has shown us time and again that local
salespeople are not selling in a way that helps people buy well.
In the webinar, Chad and Nick explained the leading causes of sales
problems in the developing world, such as lack of strategic planning,
recruitment challenges, and, most significantly, underdeveloped business
cases combined with ineffective sales pitches. Not surprisingly, in the webinar
GSMA members told us about their problems of slow response rates and
stagnating, slow deals.
Helping to overcome these sales issues, Chad and Nick offered insights into
our DQ Sales® approach and problem-solving R.A.C.E sales methodology.
Put simply, for the customer to make the best possible buying decision
involves: understanding their problems as well as the costs of leaving these
unsolved, and ultimately finding a solution.

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