On the 27th of March WRP celebrated its 6th anniversary at a what we call the Executive Team Advance (not a retreat, but an advance!) at the WRP US office in Tennesee. Present were the senior management coming from several continents !

Memories were shared: Roy and Scott’s original meeting at the Old Thameside Inn in London, and stories about the development of the WRP technology – how Scott’s formula of RACE was combined with Roy’s research on Split Attention and attitude management. A glass or two was raised to clients past and present and to all the talented and dedicated consulting partners it has been our privilege to work with over the past six years.

In the picture at the top from the left: Matt Seitz (Developing world, Africa/LatAm), Briggy Kiddle (Consultant development), Jessica Gustafson (Operations), Roy Whitten (Director), Scott Roy (Director), Davide Castorina (Marketing), Guy Meyer (Business Development) and Karen Genzink (Developing world, Asia).

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