Presenting the transformative case study of our client Geekie at this year’s United Nations #INFOCUS Conference

The #INFOCUS 2019 International Conference on Volunteerism and Social Transformation, organized by the United Nations Library in Geneva, Switzerland, and now in its 12th edition, is an annual platform that unites innovators from all over the world for conducting social and economic transformations in order to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Under this year’s conference theme ‘Leaving no one behind!’, the reports and discussions on 11-12 June 2019 focused on how to best contribute to the construction of an inclusive society, touching on topics of equal opportunities for development, longevity issues and connections between generations.

For the second time now, Davide Castorina, Whitten & Roy Partnership’s marketing and business development director, was invited to join an international panel of imminent speakers and development experts, sharing his expertise and knowledge with other social innovators. Centre-stage took the presentation of the case study ‘Transforming Education in Brazil’ with our client Geekie who actually are one of the finalists in the category of ‘Inspiring Initiatives for Social Transformation’.

It certainly was a busy speaking engagement for Davide Castorina, as he led on a total of three different conference sessions:
• Expert panel discussion ‘International Trends in the Development of
Social Entrepreneurship’;
• Moderator of the networking meet-up ‘Local startups for Global Transformation’;
• Strategy session for top managers ‘Corporate Volunteering as a Tool of maintaining Social Activity of a Company’.

The presentation of Geekie’s case study was extremely well received by the international conference audience and international development experts alike. Over the past 8 years, Geekie, an innovative web-based education platform, has revolutionized the Brazilian education system, helping over 5,000 schools and 12 million students improve academic results and ENAM high school exam pass rates.

Thanks to the application of Whitten & Roy Partnership’s problem-solving R.A.C.E sales methodology, which is focused on improving clients’ decision intelligence, Geekie’s sales to Brazilian schools rocketed. It is a big success story indeed, and one that we’re immensely proud of.

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