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Our COVID-19 response: In more “normal” times, we’re known for helping organizations transform their sales results. An integral part of our clients’ success comes from helping them recognize what we call “the problem under the problems” – any mindset that blocks performance – and teach them how to shift it.  Now, in this time of great stress and uncertainty, these same skills can be used by leaders and their people to move from being reactive, defensive, or even shell-shocked to accepting reality, thinking creatively, and acting brilliantly. 

In response to COVID-19, we led our own team through an exercise to help them deal with the sudden and mind-bending shocks of this crisis. Over 30 of us from all over the world met on Zoom, engaged in the exercise, and witnessed the sheer magic of people shifting from numbness, despair, and anxiety to calmness, clarity, and creative thinking. The experience was so impactful that we decided to write a free eBooklet to share this mindset-shifting exercise with our partners and as many others as we can reach. 

The One Thing That Changes Everything: From Overwhelm to Brilliance in Challenging Times is a quick read that outlines the exercise you can do on your own or with your team (or family), just like we did with ours. Please feel free to pass this resource on to others whom you think would benefit. Our hope is that it impacts you and many others to provide peace, generate clear thinking, and inspire purposeful action in these trying times. Click here to receive your free copy.


  • WRP is a sales consulting firm that transforms sales, management, and leadership for socially-minded organizations.

    We focus on organizations that are genuinely concerned with the well-being of their own people and the clients they serve.

  • Transformation is a fundamental change that becomes permanent over time

    This requires a shift in mindset, ability, and the power to change one’s own behavior.

  • You improve sales outputs by three critical inputs.

    Increased sales results require the transformation of your sales team’s attitude, competence, and execution.

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“You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build your business”

This quote is attributed to the legendary Zig Ziglar. Scott received it decades ago from his Southwestern mentor, Spencer Hays, who tightened it up to: Build your people, and your people build your business. Read More ?

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