Decision Intelligence Selling

COMING SOON! Releasing September 15, 2020.

Media: To download the press kit, click here.

Fed up with your team’s old way of selling – pitching, persuading, and pressuring clients to buy?

Straight from the work of two veteran sales consultants comes “decision intelligence,” a genuinely customer-centric approach that turns traditional selling on its head. And it delivers bigger deals, flowing pipelines, and higher closing rates.

This book is for sales professionals who are tired of the sales target treadmill and disillusioned with the old manipulative ways of selling.

Learning to sell in a new way requires breaking through the hardened habits, routines, and mindsets that resist change. This requires a transformative approach – a wholesale shift in the way your people think about selling and the way they actually sell.

This business book will come as a real eye-opener. It redefines what selling can be: the engine driving change for greater business growth and for everyone’s well-being – especially your clients’.

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